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The “TORNADO” resonance-vortex installation is a gas-dynamic shredder, in which a cascade adiabatic-resonance-shock grinding is implemented at speeds of collisions close to the destruction threshold. The process is designed in such a way so that any particle of the input material gets literally torn by the repeated crossing of the differential pressure zones in the intervortex vacuum chamber, which produces ultrahigh gradient (pressure drops) at the interface (up to hundreds of thousands atmospheres). When the material is injected into such area of pressure differential, a rupture of the material’s structure and clusters occurs. Such mechanism can be compared to the mechanism of material’s sample destruction, which is done in order to determine its strength characteristics at tensile test plants. That is, grinding is made not due to frictional force, etc., mechanics, but arbitrarily "air" and resonances, which gives the highest productivity, the speed of raw material flows and efficiency with low cost and energy costs (no rubbing parts).

We can use as an energy carrier (working medium of a shredder):
air supplied under pressure (compressor, turbine)
any inert gas fed under pressure, for example, argon
high-pressure steam (superheated steam)
energy gas produced by a free piston engine, supercritical carriers (fluids), for example, (CO2)
In the resonant-vortex shredder "Tornado", a new technology of non-contact grinding of materials is used, according to which the grinding processes are carried out due to air tornadoes, artificially created in a closed volume of the process chamber of the vortex shredder. The "Tornado” equipment , created on the basis of technology of resonant-vortex grinding, allows to grind any material - from liquids, wheat grain to diamond. The effect of the destruction of materials of any hardness is created due to

the development of pressure gradient of up to hundreds of thousands of atmospheres, the emergence of a multistage resonance and the collision of particles. These phenomena are analogous to those that arise in the air of a tornado pillar created by nature. The second (resonance) grinding mechanism is associated with the generation in the shredder of wave oscillations with a range of frequencies from sonic to hypersonic (100 MHz and higher). In such a wide range of oscillations, for particles of material to be grinded of any size, there is a frequency equal to the resonant frequency of the particle. This mechanism is capable of grinding up to superfine fractions, measured in hundredths and thousandths of a micron (0.01-0.001 microns). The third (impact) mechanism of material grinding is the mutual collision of particles. In resonant-vortex grinders, the impact of particles makes an insignificant contribution to the process of material destruction. In today's widely used torsion (jet) mills (for example, Japanese production), this mechanism is the mainly used, but it is inferior in efficiency anв capabilities in TORNADO.





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